130th Canton Fair Day 4

China was the first country in the world to manufacture ceramics, and Chinese porcelain was once popular around the world.

The Canton Fair brings us not only business and orders, but also eyesight and vision.

WWS got a lot of from 130th Canton Fair, the effectiveness of the Canton Fair also showed up. Previously, buyers were taking samples to find goods, later is will directly purchase our porcelain, and then later will take the initiative to book our innovative products. Now it is recognized our brand, we launched new products, new designs they will recognize and order. We believe that this also reflects the changing times of China’s ceramic industry and even the entire Chinese manufacturing.

Today we have new plates set shows on exhibition, which is New Crack Effect Reactive Glaze collection, this size of this plate is 7.5inch.

Nothing beats the feeling of real ceramic dinnerware. Additionally, the temperatures at which we fire our clay ensure that the product will not crack in the dishwasher and microwave. But please be careful when removing from appliances–the ceramics will still get hot.