A warm wellcome for new team memeber in wellwares

Congratulations on your employment with Wellwares CompanyWe know you’re going to be a valuable asset to our company and are looking forward to the positive impact you’re going to have here.

At Wellwares, we care about giving our employees everything they need to perform their best. As you will soon see, we have prepared your workstation with all necessary equipment. Our team will help you setup your computer, software and online accounts on your first day.

We’ve planned your first days to help you settle in properly. As you will see, you’ll have plenty of time to read and complete your  employment paperwork  You will also meet with your hiring manager to discuss your first steps. For your first week, we have also planned a few training sessions to give you a better understanding of our company and operations.

If you have any questions prior to your arrival, please feel free to call me and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

We are looking forward to working with you and seeing you achieve great things!