China is facing its worst power shortage in a decade, which hit ceramic factories production

Golden September and Silver October, is the peak of enterprise production.
But the problem for many businesses now is not a lack of orders, but a lack of electricity. Power rationing and forced cuts to factory production in china are widening amid electricity supply issues. The curbs have expanded to more than 10 provinces.

One of the most popular topics in manufacturing these days is: Have you had your electricity cut today?

In August, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Zhejiang, which were named by the National Development and Reform Commission in the First Half of 2021, introduced power rationing measures to strictly control the power consumption of enterprises with high energy consumption. Many foreign trade enterprises told that their factories have begun to “run for three days and stop four days” “run for seven days and stop seven days”, and even “run for one day and stop six days”…… The ceramic industry is no exception.

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At present, our factory has received the power restriction measures notified by Linyi government:
Staggering power consumption policy: Run for 6 days and stops one day.

As a responsible enterprise, we will try our best to ensure the timely delivery of customers’ orders under the premise of complying with national policies. However, the Chinese government’s recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy has had a certain impact on our factory normal production capacity,
the production cuts and prospect of missed delivery deadlines may appear in the next months,
please be prepared for such delay, and we will keep in touch with you so that you can keep abreast of our production progress.