Exclusive interview with Hebei News Radio’s “Legend of New Hebei Businessmen”

On October 24, 2022, David Yong, the President of Wellwares ceramic Group, was invited to participate in an exclusive interview with Hebei News Radio’s “Legend of New Hebei Businessmen”, sharing the long history of The Wellwares company’s creation and development.


How is the year of 2022?


2022 is a hard year for every enterprise that is involved in the import and export industry. However, Wellwares have managed to reach the goal of 28 million turnover. “ Team is the cornerstone of our success”, said David, “The success of Wellwares today is inseparable from the wisdom of the Wellwares team. They are the greatest wealth of the Wellwares.”

During the year of 2022, Wellwares was successfully re-elected as the director of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Ceramics, the Hebei Chamber Commerce for Import and Export and the Shijiazhuang Import and Export Enterprises Association. As the directors of the association above, Wellwares has formed a strong union with other industry-leading companies, including companies that make glassware, cutware, felt storage, etc. All of the factories and companies within the union have the environmental certificate that meets the requirements of most of the overseas clients.


How is the Canton Fair this year?


“It was a great success.” Compliments from David, “The company makes perfect use of the Canton Fair promotion platform, combining streaming and recording, on Canton-fair’s own streaming platform, and also Facebook and Youtube and other social media platforms. Maximize the exposure of Wellwares’ brand and products. All day-rolling broadcast, reaching customers in different timezones.”

Before the official opening of the 132th Canton Fair, we received inquiries from more than 10 large supermarket chains in Europe and the United States and other retailers, and participated in the supply and purchase docking activities of large multinational leading enterprises. At the end of 24th Oct, our order turnover reached 5 million US dollars, which was a complete success.


At this times’ Canton Fair, Wellwares is no-longer only targeting the export business, but also the import business. As the public knows, Wellwares has recently opened a new retail store, The ENANNY SAKURA. Wellwares is looking forward to more importing business in commodities for daily use.