In the rainstorm, Wellwares guarantees customer delivery

From July 19 to July 21, extreme weather occurred frequently, and several cities in Henan experienced rare and continuous heavy rainfall, which seriously affected normal production and life.

In the face of heavy rain, Wellwares is committed to the work policy of overcoming difficulties, to provide early warnings before the heavy rains cause product damage and road disconnection, do a good job of disaster risk assessment, and pre-arrange the orders for shipments. Take precautionary measures before the arrival, arrange the shipment of products in time, and actively ensure that the products arrive at the port on time.


The merchandiser Eddy interprets all this through his own practical actions. The heavy rain in Henan brought huge resistance to the work. Due to heavy rain along the way, the truck arrived at the factory more than four hours later than originally planned. However, in order to ensure that the more than 3,400 boxes of WM Chile products could catch up with the Maersk cut-off time in time, eddy overcame difficulties and fought hard after a night of rain. The three containers were loaded in time and rushed to the station before four o’clock in the morning of the next day. This is not only a strict requirement for itself, but also a manifestation of the spirit of Wellwares’ work.


Wellwares consistently implements customer needs and guarantees the quality of customer orders in all aspects from product production to shipment. Provide one-stop sourcing for every customer.