Latest Related Information of Shijiazhuang Epidemic

On Oct 23rd, 2021 at 00-24pm, there was 1 new confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Shijiazhuang, where WWS is located. The same situation has been observed in several provinces in northern China. According to the epidemic prevention and control needs, in order to protect people’s health and safety, from January 23, 2021, Shijiazhuang City to implement control, collective nucleic acid testing. Even banning outsiders from entering Shijiazhuang.


However, Shijiazhuang is experienced in epidemic prevention and control. At present, Shijiazhuang’s buses, subways, railways, highways and airports are running normally and all epidemic prevention and control measures are being implemented well.

The WWS team all came to work, insisted on daily temperature checks, disinfection and wearing masks. However, thankfully the area where our factory is located has not been affected by the epidemic and normal production is underway.

We would like to remind everyone to take personal protection by wearing masks, washing hands regularly and not gathering. Maintain good home hygiene and living environment.