Singapore found two submarine sunken ships containing a large number of ancient Chinese porcelain

According to reports from many Singaporean media on the 16th, two historically significant ancient sunken ships were found in the eastern waters of Singapore, which contained a large number of handicrafts, including many exquisite 14th-century Chinese blue and white porcelain. After investigation, it may be the sunken ship with the most blue and white porcelain found so far in the world.

△Image source: Channel News Asia, Singapore

According to reports, divers operating at sea in 2015 accidentally discovered several ceramic plates, and then the first shipwreck was found. The National Heritage Committee of Singapore commissioned the archaeological department of ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (ISEAS) to conduct excavation and research on the sunken ship. In 2019, a second shipwreck was found not far from the shipwreck.

Archaeological researchers found that the two sunken ships are from different eras. The first shipwreck contained a large amount of Chinese ceramics, probably dating back to the 14th century, when Singapore was called Temasek. Porcelain includes Longquan plates, bowls, and a jar. Fragments of blue and white porcelain bowls with lotus and peony patterns in the Yuan Dynasty were also found in the sunken ship. The researcher said: “This ship carries a lot of blue and white porcelain, many of which are rare, and one of them is considered unique.”

△Image source: Channel News Asia, Singapore

Research indicates that the second shipwreck may be a merchant ship, which sank on its way back to India from China in 1796. The cultural relics found in this shipwreck include a series of Chinese ceramics and other cultural relics, such as copper alloys, glass sand agate products, as well as four ship anchors and nine cannons. These cannons were usually installed on merchant ships employed by the East India Company in the 18th and early 19th centuries and were mainly used for defensive purposes and signals. In addition, there are some important crafts in the sunken ship, such as pot fragments painted with dragon patterns, pottery ducks, Guanyin heads, Huanxi Buddha statues, and a wide variety of ceramic art.

△Image source: Channel News Asia, Singapore

The National Heritage Committee of Singapore stated that the excavation and research work of the two sunken ships is still in progress. The committee plans to complete the restoration work by the end of the year and display it to the public in the museum.

Source CCTV News

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