Welcome leader team of HCCIE visit Wellwares

As the director of CCCIE and David as vice president of Hebei Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export Association, Wellwares has invited the leadership team of Hebei Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export Association to visit Wellwares. There are many companies under the association which are in the leading area of their industry. As the vice president’s company, Wellwares has the ability and strategy to provide Hebei advantageous industrial commodities to our loyal customers.

Hebei, as an industry-based province in China, has a leading light industry in the country. Including glass, felt, stainless steel production, iron production, plastic production, light furniture, etc… Wellwares has the perfect position to share and integrate some of those great resources, which include Christmas/seasonal decor in various materials, including glass, felt, ceramic, storage products for home and office in various materials. Tableware includes flatware and table decoration, glassware includes drinkware, dinnerware, light furniture like indoor and outdoor chairs, tables,  all day home decorations like candlesticks. Wellwares has confidence to provide these products at the lowest cost and Wellwares’ finest sales service.

The leadership team of HBCCIE appreciates Wellwares’s marketing strategy, they were full of expectations for Wellwares to expand sales of other advantageous products in the future and agree to provide all the help they can. Wellwares will likely to provide more and more information in the future, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Wellwares are looking forward to expand business with you!