Welcoming SINOSTAR to pay a visit to WellWares’ experience-sharing meeting

WWS welcomed one of the leading international trading companies, SINOSTAR, to join our meeting.


We are pleased to have SINOSTAR join us this afternoon. A total of 19 employees joined us during the meeting. It started with a friendly ping-pang game between members of Wellwares and Sinostar. Victory belongs to everyone who joins the game.

After a short break, the experience sharing meeting will begin. This time the topic is majorly focused on how to maintain customers. Sales managers from each company have shared their stories of success cases and also the failed cases. It was a valuable lesson for all of us.

Wellwares sincerely hope we can have more chances to share experience with other companies. Whether you are at the top rank or new blood, there will never be enough when it comes to lessons.