Wellwares invites you to participate in luxury home exhibitions

Along with people’s continuous pursuit of higher quality of life and young consumer groups’ enthusiasm for domestic brands, a new batch of “Made in China” has emerged in the home furnishing industry, not only driving the steady expansion of the home furnishing industry, but also bringing consumers Unparalleled happiness. This sense of happiness comes from the deep meaning behind “Made in China”: it represents a comprehensive upgrade of quality, innovation, function, and service, evokes the resonance of cultural intimacy and growth memory, and also reveals the industry’s leading national pride and nation confidence.
China Quality is intended to improve the overall quality of products, which is not just the improvement of product quality. It is the joint improvement of a series of links.

As the largest ceramic exporter in the north, Wellwares keeps up with the trend of the times, builds brand strength, actively promotes industrial upgrading, enhances its own competitiveness, transforms providing high-quality products to providing high-quality design in line with the trend, and will produce and sell for many years Combining experience to provide one-stop procurement.

At present, the popularity of domestic products in the domestic market continues to rise, and consumers are particularly concerned about such original products. As a result, the organizer has specially planned the “Made in China Legitimate Trend” display area, which is like a demonstration window of “Made in China” The trendy and most Chinese exhibits are gathered together, which is dizzying.

Cross-border e-commerce is one of the hottest topics of this year. This year’s exhibition keeps up with the trend. On July 22, the forum will mainly focus on the theme of “All products go to the sea, and the goods will pass the world”. Two heavy guests from Alibaba will be invited to the audience. Sharing the global cross-border e-commerce industry trends, teaching everyone the practical steps to join the cross-border e-commerce system, and how to sell high-quality Chinese products overseas. The sharing of valuable experience won rounds of applause.

shanghai luxe home
Leading the trend of the times and creating beautiful ceramic tableware. From July 22 to 24, Wellwares welcomes you in Hall N2 A62-A64 of Shanghai luxe Home Exhibition! !