Wellwares-Loading And Shipping


After completing the packing and Palletization, the final thing will be the loading and shipping. Various transportation methods have their strengths and weaknesses. While giving full play to their respective advantages, they need to pay attention to complement each other and work together to meet Requirements for transportation. As the longest-used international trade shipping method, with the development of modern ship technology, the shipping of ships is becoming larger and larger, because it uses natural waterways and is not restricted by roads and tracks, and has a stronger passing capacity. And as the natural conditions change, the route can be adjusted and changed at any time to complete the transportation task. Used by international trade all over the world.


Wellwares will communicate and communicate with the customer’s designated freight forwarder in advance according to the delivery time in advance to achieve interconnection, share information, improve service accuracy, complete product loading and shipment on time, and complete product production and packing delivery before shipment. So as to complete the detailed steps involved in the shipment of the product in the first time, and in order to ensure the customer’s one-stop purchasing experience, Wellwares has precise positioning in all links, clear division of jobs, and a specialization in each link. The personnel are responsible. For example, in the process of product counters, we will have professionals in the early stage to calculate the number of products in the cabinet according to the product size and weight. During the process of loading, we will appoint special personnel to supervise the process of loading. The gaps should be filled, and the netting should be done after the loading is completed to ensure that the product will not tilt or collapse during transportation.


Because of the current skyrocketing ocean freight, wellwares deeply understands the difficulties of customers. We support warehouse storage services and CFR methods. Warehouse storage is to store products that are not shipped on time within a certain period of time to ensure that they can be shipped in the future. The product shipment can be completed in time. For customers who urgently need to fill the product vacancies in the store but have not successfully booked, they can choose the CFR method. Wellwares is responsible for arranging the product booking and shipment to ensure the normal shipment of the product. Ensure that the product can be put on the store on time.


From product design to matching methods, from product raw material selection to product production, and then from product packaging to container shipping. As the largest daily-use ceramic tableware supplier in northern China, Wellwares strives to ensure customers’ one-stop shopping experience for daily-use ceramic tableware. Choosing wellwars means choosing to rest assured.