Wellwares team visit industry leading company in the glassware industry and expand business

Wellwares has 23 years of experience of exporting daily ceramic home-ware and it is about time to extend our business. In recent days, Wellwares has stepped in to a industry leading company in the glassware industry for a detailed study. Within the day, we have well studied their Product, their production line, and communicated details of our business. We have combined our newest production with our current stable clients. In fact, Wellwares has already gone into business with one of our largest customers in the US market. Wellwares and the industry leading company in the glassware industry have combined a proven partnership in our businesses.

The Industry leading company has its own independent research and development team, as well as their own independent mold factory. There for they will have a  Their major products are soda-lime glass with pressing craftsmanship. Their product categories includes: glass drink-ware, glass tableware and glass decorations. Candlesticks are their most experienced and most produced item.

Wellwares has grown fast, even under the epidemic. That industry leading company is one of Wellwares’s  industry-leading strategic partnership company, With Wellware company as the director for CCCIE and David as vice president of Hebei Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export Association. we are confident there will be more industry-leading companies will form a partner ship with Wellwares, Please look forward to seeing more glassware, flatware, felt storage products that Wellwares will provide in the future and don’t hesitate to contact us. We most likely have what you want.