WWS feature plans and changes

2022 has been a hard year for China or any other place in the world. However, Wellwars managed to grow in this circumstance. WWS have upgraded our factory’s environment control system. With this update, WWS as a ceramic supplier in northern China will be less limited to the environmental reason lockdown. Therefore, WWS can get you a more stable supply schedule than any other supplier.

WWS have produced multiple designs for your picks, including but not limited to seasonal designs for dinnerwares and mugs, daily designs for dinnerwares and mugs. WWS top design team have put effort into action. You will be able to see them both on our website and the 132nd Canton Fair.

There are multi ways to find us on Canton Fair, search ‘Wellwares’ in search bar(make sure you have choose exhibitor section!) or just simply click HERE.

The 132nd Canton Fair will take place Online, from Oct.15 until Nov.4, however our product will be aviliable for your view until March 2023.

Within the year, Wellwares has grow strong, please join us for a new and better Canton Fair experience. We Will See you soon!