WWS put safety into action

Due to recent heating and safety issues, our factories have been starting a series of training and drills.

In WWS, we take human rights as the number one priority. Due to recent overheating issues, WWS will make sure that all workers will be working under 60 hours a week so that they can have enough time to rest from the heat. Also, factories will provide medical exams for every employee who works in the factory at a regular period of time.

WWS also makes sure that every factory we cooperate with has all the documents, including but not limited to ‘working hour and wages management processes and procedures manual’, ’employee safety processes and procedures manual’, ’emergency preparedness processes and procedures manual’ and ‘chemical management processes and procedures manual’.

All the factories that cooperate with WWS will have fire safety tests for a period of time. All the fire fighting equipment will be checked and well examined, including an evacuation map, no-smoking sign, fire alarm, fire hydrant, fire extinguishers, exit sign and emergency lighting. The factory will also have a fire evacuation drill from time to time.
WWS take human rights as our first priority. We produce fine products while take care for all workers who may or may not be a full-time employee. We truly wish all of our employees will have a safe life. Thank you for choosing WWS.