WWS team taking oath to complete sales goal

Over the past 3 years, the Corona Virus has taken over the world, causing transportation problems, energy crises, huge fluctuations in the exchange rate. After the 1st season of this year, we have been continually ‘attacked’ by COVID. It is a critical hit especially for the International foreign trade industry, which including us, the wellwares. However, WWS managed to get over it and successfully accomplish 80% of the initial goal.

Although the international environment is very complex, WWS has find a way out and made some progress. Within this year, Wellwares has opened two new company, one is most focus on USD trading named as Wellwares(Hongkong) Limited, and another one is focus on inport, cooprating with our local retail store, the ENANNY SAKURA.Learn more here.

And thats not yet, Wellwares have also managed to expend our brand on Amazon and Walmart.com. Successfully build our first oversea warehouse in the state of California. With the support of goverment policy 9710,9810. we gain more profit by this policy while we expend our online sale service in Australia.

WWS is now currently expanding. We are opening another trading company, The WELLWARES(HONGKONG)LIMITED, an import company, and a current local store is in action. Even in this tough year, WWS did not forget growing online. WWS currently has online stores including Amazon, Walmart.com, Shopee, Wayfair, etc.. We are more and more confident we can achieve our goal.

To cheer our team up, we have manage a oath taking rally to our sales team.

It is about 100 days until the end of the year, and we are 80% complacent of this year’s target. It has been a tough year for everyone in Wellwares.We are here today, at wellwares, taking oath to complete our sales target in the last 100 days.

Wellware sales team, leading by our president, David, are here taking the oath. We sprint to the year-end goal as a team, at any cost!

At the ceremony, WWS president David, gave the guide of All-staff marketing, All-staff studying. Providing the full opportunity to our employees as well as all resources to help everyone in Wellwares to get more and more experience.

With their hard work, Wellwares did not lose much during the city lock-down. We are very confident that with our team, we can reach our goal, or maybe, even more.
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