You Can Get To Know Us At the VISAF 3D+ Digital EXPO

The VISAF online exhibition platform contains a variety of technical methods such as intelligent search, instant messaging, 3D and VR virtual exhibition halls, live streaming and community, and precise traffic attraction, which help exhibitors to digitize their goods, trade capacity and service capability in a multi-dimensional and multi-channel way.It has three main features:
1.The VISAF online exhibition platform uses 3D technology, realistic exhibits and intelligent product search functions to facilitate buyers’ discovery and purchase of products; the VR virtual exhibition hall gives buyers an immersive viewing experience and makes it easy for companies to remove and replace exhibits.
2. The VISAF online exhibition platform enables exhibitors and buyers to make real-time contact through multiple methods such as voice, text, video and live streaming, enhancing the efficiency of communication between supply and demand and increasing the sales conversion rate.
3. the exhibition platform access to build cross-border e-commerce self-built station function to help enterprises build digital assets.


If you are interested in WWS during the online exhibition, you can contact us in real-time via PC and mobile to ask questions, leave comments or initiate a meeting about an item via video, audio and graphics.